Skilled (Early) Intervention: Using Flexible, Activity-based, Burst of Support Scheduling

to Implement Natural Learning Environment Practices



Course Description:
When working in early intervention, Part C requires all practitioners to provide evidence-based interventions within the context of real-life routines and activities. During this course participants will learn about the characteristics of natural learning environment practices and what it looks like via video review and discussion for pediatric physical therapist to use these practices while also focusing on skilled interventions to support achievement of child and family outcomes. More specifically, practitioners will explore new tools and strategies for using FAB scheduling (Flexible, Activity-Based, Bursts of Support) to maximize caregiver engagement.

Learning Objectives:
1. Use a coaching interaction style to create activity-based plans with caregivers.
2. Identify the impact of a variety of functional settings for home visits on the practice children receive.
3. Practice working with families to develop plans that promote child learning without overloading family or practitioner schedules.

Practical Application: Examples of how the content may be put to use in practice:
1. Scheduling home and community visits at times that allow real-life observation.
2. Increasing caregiver buy-in for between visit plans.
3. Managing large catchments and caseloads without sacrificing function.
4. Developing practical strategies to help caregivers implement strategies between visits.
5. Operationalizing best practice in early intervention to work with a busy schedule.

The course instructors will be actively engaged with the participants during the time the course is open.
Participants may access the course materials and interactive discussion forum asynchronously (at a time that is convenient to his/her schedule) during the time the course is open.

Course dates: October 21-November 13, 2019
Lesson 1: October 21-27, 2019
Lesson 2-3: October 28-November 4, 2019
Lesson 4: November 5-November 13, 2019

(2) online meetings:
October 21, 2019 and November 11, 2019 (7:30 to 8:30 PM EST)
NOTE: Online meetings will be recorded for viewing by those unable to attend.

NOTE: Participation in the online discussion forum, online meetings and/or completion of learning activities (if applicable) are required for continuing education credit including passing the post-course test with 70% score.
Credit for continuing education (CEU) will be provided for physical therapists/physical therapist assistants. All others are responsible for claiming education credit per their professional guideline.

Jennifer James, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Family, Infant, and Preschool Program

M’Lisa L. Shelden, PT, PhD
Clinical Professor
Program Director & Chair
Department of Physical Therapy
Wichita State University

REGISTRATION OPEN TO : Registration is limited to 30 participants for Fall 2019.
Physical Therapists, Educators (Academic and Clinical), Researchers, Residents/Fellows, Physical Therapy Students, Rehabilitation and Medical providers (nurses, physicians, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist), Early Intervention Special Instructors